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Who We Are

Monaghan Tidy Towns Committee (MTT) is dedicated to making Monaghan Town a better place to live work and visit. The aims of TidyTowns have become increasingly focussed on sustainability and the environment. Some ten years ago MTT commissioned a habitat survey. This survey highlighted the rich urban biodiversity existing in the town due, in part, to the extensive aquatic habitats within the town environs.


What We Do

We seek to make Monaghan Ireland's first 'Biodiversity Town', however, we have found that although progress has been made we need to be able to communicate more widely to the local community what we, and indeed the council, are doing, and why. While some initiatives are an easy sell, others are perhaps less visible, at least initially, and we also need to educate the community to see and indeed appreciate the environment around them in a more sustainable way.


The aim of the Biodiversity Town project is to connect the public with the work that is going on, to inform them of the purpose behind the work that they see and to encourage them to become involved.  In so doing, we will deepen the engagement of the public and ensure that the benefits of our work reach beyond the public areas in which we are active and become embedded in the private gardens and public spaces throughout the town

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