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Links & Resources

Our mission is to involve everyone in our discovery and appreciation of local urban biodiversity.

There are plenty of online resources to guide us and help us share our experiences through social media and recording.

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Useful Links

Some links to useful web sites, some local, some national. If you have any
recommendations for links to sites please let us know.

Using Social Media to spread the word on biodiversity

We want to encourage people to share our experiences as we learn more about our urban biodiversity. Here are some links to help you get started.

Remember to use #BiodiversityMN when posting.

Recording local biodiversity

We really want to increase the number of people recording local biodiversity in our
town. You will be surprised how easy it is! The starting point is to go out and see
some wildlife. To record what you have seen you'll need to know what species you
have found, plus where and when you saw it, and say who you are. There is lots of
help available, and websites and apps can help with all steps in the process.
The National Biodiversity Centre provides the portal where we can make records.

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