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Moth Catching

Over Three moth traps set out around Monaghan on the Friday night were opened in Rossmore Park on Saturday 15 July.

Four moth traps were set up in early evening in a number of locations around Monaghan Town including Peters Lake, Tom Young’s Wood and two volunteered gardens by moth expert Heather Bothwell. The traps were opened the following morning in Rossmore Park where over 20 volunteers braved the showers to see the moth traps opened. Eighteen separate species of moth were discovered. The highlight of the event was finding an “Old Lady” moth in the moth trap from Peter’s Lake. Those attending assisted in identifying and recording the moths before they were returned to the wild.

Old Lady Moth.  A quite rare moth found at Peter’s Lake on Saturday 15 July.

Check out our data from the event below.

Moth Record Monaghan
Download PDF • 301KB

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