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Foraging at Peters Lake

Margaret Palmer, Wild About Herbs opened our eyes to the wonders and health benefits of plants and trees here growing around Peter’s Lake.

Local herbalist Margaret Palmer brought us on a walk around Peter’s Lake.  Margaret re introduced us to the plants we consider weeds and a problem in our gardens.  However our grandparents recognised the benefits of these plants to our health and wellbeing.   They lived more in tune with the seasons and used different plants to boost our immune system and promote health.   Margaret has a Masters in Herbal Medicine and has researched the actual active ingredients in these plants that do have a beneficial effect on the human body.   Margaret open our eyes to a number of super plants were nettles, plantain and dandelions.    She described how many parts of all three plants can be used as a drink, in salads and preserved in vinegar to provide a winter tonic.         

Click on the link to download photographs and properties of the medicinal plants found around Peter’s Lake in May 2023.

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